El Septimo Precioso Amarillo

El Septimo Precioso Amarillo

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A 6 year old aged tobacco. Perfect for a quick hit. With a subtle mix of femininity and strength, this small cigar maintains the traditional characteristics of the Luxus Collection.

Cigar Details & Composition

Shape: Petit Coronas

Wrapper: Costa Rica
Filler: Costa Rica
Binder: Costa Rica

Tasting Notes

Smoking Time (Average): 20-30 Minutes

The aromas relax and awaken you with a creamy and velvety blend of roasted cashews, almonds, dark chocolate, and woody notes. With a huge presence in the beginning, the cigar is an ideal complement to an aperitif, to savor with no restraint.

Country & Region

Costa Rica

Occasion & Pairing

It is recommended to pair it with an aged cognac, scotch or whisky. The distillation process of these drinks infuses them with a variety of flavors that are enhanced by the ageing in wood barrels. The result is a strong and complex drink. Also, it's a great match with peaty Islay, heavier Highland single malts, or dark stouts.