Jack Daniels Sinatra

Jack Daniels Sinatra

Jack Daniels Sinatra

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Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select has been created in honor of this friendship with Old Blue Eyes. The bold, smooth qualities of the Sinatra Select come from the specially made Sinatra barrels in which part of the whiskey was aged. Deep grooves were cut into the staves of the casks, increasing the amount of exposure the Whiskey had to the wood. It is then married with Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 and bottled at 45% abv, which is how Sinatra would have enjoyed it back in the day.

Tasting's Notes:

Soft honey, fresh apples and a bold oak note at the center. On the palate, butterscotch notes which turn into  caramel notes, rich and warm. Hints of orange zest and a subtle smokiness.

Country & Region

USA - Tennessee


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