Les Fines Lames Monad Blue Ashtray

Les Fines Lames Monad Blue Ashtray

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Find balance and simplicity with the MONAD by LES FINES LAMES concrete ashtray.

An ode to the spirit of the cigar: the unity achieved between the individual and the product. Aligning soul and matter, inspired by philosophy and architecture.

On one hand, ancient metaphysics gives its name to the product.
On the other, the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics marries the humility of the chosen material.

A solitary tasting is an extraordinary moment that we agree to refocus.
Alone in front of oneself, the meditation and the contemplative state that the cigar brings provides the unity.


Ultra-High Performance Mortar.


1 Cigar


150 x 150 x 30mm & 890 Grams