Mahou Maestra Doble Lúpulo

Mahou Maestra Doble Lúpulo

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More than 125 years of experience and know-how have inspired the Mahou Master Brewers to create this roasted, double-hop beer with a great body and intense flavor. 

Tasting's Notes

Amber colour with tints of orange. The nose leans towards the aromas of toasted malt and caramel. On the palate, it has an intense body, with hints of coffee beans wrapped in honey. The fine and persistent bitterness of the double hops gives the Maestra Double Hops an element of cheerfulness and elegance.

Food Pairing

Best enjoyed with crusty bread and smoked cheese with balsamic vinegar on top, or juicy meats prepared in the oven with fruity sauces.

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