9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc With Toscano Classico

9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc With Toscano Classico

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Bundle Contains:

X1 9 Lives Sauvignon Blanc
X1 Toscano Classico Box of 5

This bundle is created to be enjoyed for the afternoon drink or with friend over and aperitive.

Tasting's Notes

9 lives is a refreshing wine, has a  balanced acidity with a smooth palate and a very fruity finish. While Toscano classico Lots of wood smoke flavor (naturally), but there was a definite sweetness in the mix that defied exact characterization, along with a healthy amount of earth and a mild pepper spice on the palate.

Country & Region

9 Lives Sauvignon BlancChile

Toscano Classico – Tuscany