Casdagli Cotton Tail

Casdagli Cotton Tail

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Cotton Tail is a cigar with a long history in Casdagli Cigars' product portfolio. Its origin dates back to 2002. The Cotton Tail is the cornerstone and one of the most sought-after cigars in Casdagli Cigars' portfolio. This Figurado type vitola has not been made since the 1950s and was reintroduced to the smoking community by Jeremy Casdagli in 2009. The Casdagli's Cotton Tail delivers an extraordinarily rich and distinctively sweet flavor of Cubanesque spice to the palate, emulating the original Casdagli cigars as produced in Havana almost 2 decades ago.

Cigar Details & Composition

Shape: Figuardo

Wrapper: Dominican Cotui
Filler: Dominican, Nicaragua, USA, Peru
Binder: Dominican

Tasting Notes

Smoking Time (Average): 35-45 Minutes

Vanilla, cedar, coffee, oak, pepper, smoked wood. 

Country & Region

Dominican Republic

Occasion & Pairing

Being a traditional Cuban size based on Casdagli's original Cuban blends, this showstopper of cigar pairs perfectly with an aged rum to deliver a perfect Cubanesque experience. To be enjoyed throughout the day.