Casdagli Grand Café

Casdagli Grand Café

Casdagli Grand Café

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Grand Café is a luxurious, elegant, and very traditional vitola. A true star in Casdagli Cigars portfolio. This is because not only does this cigar represent Casdagli's mission statement to deliver Luxury, Elegance & Tradition, but it also demonstrates the perfect construction (a well-packed cigar delivering a perfect draw) coming from the KBF factory. When a producer can consistently create a perfectly constructed lancero such as this then you know all your vitolas are in safe hands. Among Casdagli Cigars TOP 3 for sure.

Cigar Details & Composition

Shape: Lancero

Wrapper: Brazillian Cubra
Filler: Dominican, Nicaragua, Peru
Binder: Dominican

Tasting Notes

Smoking Time (Average): 30-40 Minutes

Citrus, vanilla, cream, tobacco, nuts, cinnamon. 

Country & Region

Dominican Republic

Occasion & Pairing

Smoking Casdagli's elegant and iconic Grand Café is a wonderful way to enjoy the afternoon or early evening especially when paired with a bourbon old-fashioned. A nice compliment to the bubblies as well. And as the name suggests, also perfect to be enjoyed with a coffee drink.

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