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Judith Bech l Beck Pink

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Natural wine has no uniform definition. It is a general term used to describe artisanal wine made using organically and/or biodynamically grown hand-picked grapes which are vinified with little or no intervention. Winemakers often rely on indigenous yeast to catalyse natural fermentation, avoiding the use of any chemicals, additives or sulphites.

The result is wine which is alive, energetic, vibrant and unexpected – a welcomed contrast to the industrial practices of the wine industry.

Name of Estate/Domaine
Judith Beck


Tasting Notes
A gorgeous salmon-pink in the class. Aromas of summer red fruits and red cherries with a hint of stone fruits. On the palate, clean, zesty and crisp with a balanced acidity and mineral purity. Great with goat's cheese tartlets, grilled aubergine with feta, pine nuts and garlicky yogurt or a plate of fresh anchovies.

*Natural wines are suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians

Country & Region
Burgenland, Austria

Blaufranckish, Zweigel

Due to the different soils, there is a great diversity of varieties in our region. The Gols vineyards can be roughly divided into three types of soil:Gravel plateau with slightly cooler, windier locations, relatively permeable soils. Slopes at the edge of the Parndorfer Platte, south-west orientation, sandy-loamy soil with inclusions of limestone.


  • Manual harvest
  • spontaneous Fermentation
  • Indigenous yeast
  • Minimal amount of Sulpher
  • No fining
  • No filtiring

Food Pairing

Fish stew, cheese, charcuterie or solo as an aperitivo vino!

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