Naked Foods - Strawberry

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Naked Foods - Strawberry

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Naked Foods is all about eating clean and healthy, all ingredients are 100% natural and has no added sugar, no added preservatives. Simply, the fruits and vegetables are dried and boxed!

Ingredients: Strawberry

Fresh: It begins with freshness, all of the fruits and vegetables are picked on harvest day. It's all about the season and when to pluck. The fruits & vegetables are picked by hand and delivered to the local farmers.

Real Dehydration: The fruits and vegetables are dried and processed immediately after plucking, maintaining more original color and aroma of the fresh food itself. The food is dehydrated under 60 degrees Celsius. It's a natural chemical reaction of the food's enzymes that alters its flavor, color and aroma.  

All Natural: All products are 100% healthy. No oil, no added sugar, or preservatives. They are all gluten free & fat free and a great source of fiber and vitamins. 

Edible Garnish: Garnish your favorite cocktail, salad, sandwich and dessert with the delicious Naked Foods, it ads artistry and color as well as flavor.


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