Santa Margherita Spumante Rosé VS Brut

Santa Margherita Spumante Rosé VS Brut

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Winemaker's Notes

This pale pink wine brings a full bouquet of pleasing floral aromas with hints of red berries. It is artfully crafted with a blend of Glera and Chardonnay grapes with Malbec as the red varietal that lends its perfect light pink color. Its flavor is delicate but vibrant and well-rounded and is an approachable wine that lingers on the palate

Country & Region

Italy - Veneto - Treviso


A blend of Chardonnay, Glera, Malbec

 Food Pairing

A tasty, aromatic aperitif and an exciting accompaniment to brunch, desserts, antipasti, seafood, and intensely flavored cuisines. Try pairing it with savory Italian appetizers, seafood Thermidor, paella, and exotic, spicy East Asian dishes. Our Sparkling Rosé is a delicious way to elevate any occasion.

 Serving Tips

We recommend serving rose wines at 8-10°C (46-50°F). This can be achieved by storing the sparkling wine in the fridge and serving it directly from the fridge.