Deville Champagne Carte Noire

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Deville Champagne Carte Noire

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Natural wine has no uniform definition. It is a general term used to describe artisanal wine made using organically and/or biodynamically hand-picked grapes which are vinified with little or no intervention. Winemakers often rely on indigenous yeast to catalyse natural fermentation, avoiding the use of any chemicals, additives or sulphites.

The result is wine which is alive, energetic, vibrant and unexpected – a welcomed contrast to the industrial practices of the wine industry.

Name of Estate/Domaine:
Chateau Deville

Vintage: NV

Country & Region
Verzy, France

75% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Meunier.

Tasting Notes
 Very balanced champagne with the golden hues and intense flavours of Pinot Noir with the more subtle colours and delicate flavours of Chardonnay.

Limestone-chalk, and clay-limeston.

Natural Farming and winemaking.
* Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 


  •  Mainly from a single vintage with some reserve champagne (usually 2-3 years older than the current vintage) blended in for complexity.
  • Traditional 'Méthode Champenoise' is used.
  • Avoiding oxidizing wine to preserve freshness and retain characteristics of wine.
  • It then spends 10 months in tanks before bottling
  • Full malolactic fermentation
  • After the various wines are blended it receives a minimum of three years in the bottle before release which helps to soften the acidity.

Food Pairing
As an aperitif although would be a great accompaniment throughout the meal. Goes perfectly with seafood particularly Rock Oysters.

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