Terras Gauda Albarino San Campio

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Terras Gauda Albarino San Campio

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Natural wine has no uniform definition. It is a general term used to describe artisanal wine made using organically and/or biodynamically hand-picked grapes which are vinified with little or no intervention. Winemakers often rely on indigenous yeast to catalyse natural fermentation, avoiding the use of any chemicals, additives or sulphites.
The result is wine which is alive, energetic, vibrant and unexpected – a welcomed contrast to the industrial practices of the wine industry.

Name of Estate/Domaine:
Bodegas Terras Gauda

Vintage: 2020

Country & Region
Rías Baixas - Galicia, Spain

100%  Albarino

Tasting Notes
characterised by its intense, fresh aromas of tropical fruit, with ripe pineapple and banana in the foreground, alongside delicate aromas of white fruit such as apple and pear.

This microclimate is ideal for ripening, with a high sugar content and a lower acidity level than in other parts of the Rías Baixas designation of origin area that lie further to the north, where the quality of the wine is more variable because of the climate

Organic viticulture.


  • Manual harvested
  • Pre-fermentation cold maceration
  • Fermentation in stainless steel
  • Indigenous yeast
  • Ambient or controlled ferment
  • Cold stabilised
  • Filtered using vegan friendly methods.

Food Pairing
Wonderful pairing with shellfish, oysters, clam and crab. Enjoy with spicy Asian cuisine.

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